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syslinux: sponsor request


sorry to ask for yet another sponsoring so soon.  Two days ago upstream
merged the fix for allowing extlinux to boot from ext4 filesystems with
the 64bit feature enabled, which I'd like to get uploaded soon.

With the patch applied, I can no longer reproduce the ext4+64bit
problem, so I'm confident the fix works.  Booting from ext2/3 and btrfs
still works fine. I've updated syslinux in our git repository


Apart from the ext4 fix, I've also dropped my own patch for linking
against the newer gnu-efi version in favor of the cleaner one that was
proposed upstream.

I've set urgency to medium this time, as I don't want to delay the
creation of testing images not suffering from Bug #857597 [1].


[1] https://bugs.debian.org/857597

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