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Joining the team, working on syslinux

Hi CD Team,

I've decided to try my best to maintain syslinux.  I've just had a
short conversation with Steve and Cyril on irc and we have agreed
that I should join the Debian CD team and make syslinux a team
maintained package.

I've only worked on Debian packages for about half a year now, but I
feel comfortable with git-buildpackage, debhelper and friends by
now :) .  I've mostly been active in the pkg-security team so far and I
was looking for another interesting area I could start contributing to.

I like playing around with "low level" stuff (I'm very happy about my
X230 that uses coreboot and has the management engine removed).
While I don't use syslinux extensively, I have a few use cases (and
also problems [1]), and I'm also looking forward to expand my
knowledge with this new task.

I'm always happy to receive any helpful advice/critique, so let me
know when I'm doing something wrong or you have a better idea for $foo.
I'll need your help getting new versions of syslinux uploaded soon
enough, since I'm not a DD (but probably a DM soon [2]).


[1] https://bugs.debian.org/803938
[2] https://nm.debian.org/process/303

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