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nbd-client-udeb not found?


This might be me, I'm not sure.

I'm trying to build a VM image that uses NBD to double-check whether
#862531 is, as I suspect, indeed not an issue with nbd-client. However,
when booting the jessie netinst, my "modules=partman-nbd" command-line
parameter to the installer doesn't work, since the nbd-client-udeb
package isn't on that CD.

When checking the CD-image search tool[1], it's not found at all. That
leads me to the following questions:

- Is nbd-client-udeb found on any CD image at all?
- If not, can this be remedied, at least for stretch? Also, can the
  netinstall CD be amended so it contains the nbd-client-udeb package?
- If so, why doesn't it show up in the search?


[1] https://cdimage-search.debian.org/

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