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Bug#858031: Please make volume id for netinst different from DVD


Guido Günther wrote:
> > Volume id: Debian stretch-DI-rc2 amd64 1
> > [...]
> > >If the netinst variant would contain netinst or similar

Steve McIntyre wrote:
> I understand, yes. The problem we have is that the volume ID is very
> limited in space available. We've run out... :-/ 

How about replacing the volume number "1" by "n" ?

  Debian stretch-DI-rc2 amd64 n

Above volume id leaves room for three more characters (the Joliet limit
has been exceeded by 13, already). If the architecture name gets longer
than 8 characters or the Toystory name gets longer than 10, then the
naming scheme does not fit into the Volume Id field of the PVD.

The kfreebsd-amd64 ISOs have an abbreviated arch name in their volume id:
  Debian 7.9.0 f-amd64 1
Mr. Pricklepants is still waiting to get chosen as release name.

An obvious possibility to densify the id text is to give up the cute names
and to use release numbers instead. Like:

  Debian 9-DI-rc2 amd64 n

Have a nice day :)


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