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Re: Bug#855035: debian-installer: https does not work with stretch rc2 installer

Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> (2017-02-14):
> Philipp Kern <pkern@debian.org> (2017-02-14):
> > Given that Steve added it to the CD's force list, what about adding the two
> > packages to $include in the https check that already exists in
> > bootstrap-base.postinst (to set the proxy correctly)? I don't see a good way
> > of adding the two packages after debootstrap ran but telling debootstrap to
> > pull them in upon initial installation, assuming the media has it, seems
> > feasible to me.
> That's exactly the solution I came up with while thinking about it. Since
> you agree I suppose this makes it a reasonable solution, and I'll be
> implementing and checking that in a moment. Thanks for the quick feedback.

I should clarify a bit: we can't look at PROTOCOL at this point, since a
netinst with mirror/protocol=https is going to use local files on the
cdrom; if it was using https, debootstrap would do the job already
(except it would fail to load both packages right now since Steve only
added them to the images a few hours ago).

So I'm adding a mirror/protocol check instead, and I have to adjust
include/exclude handling accordingly.


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