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Problem with simple cdd and personnal repository


First of all, let me introduce myself. I work in France for an academic
organization. We have developped an internet gateway solution based on
debian and made a proper debian customised distribution for our solution

In order to install, we have our proper CD, with a customised debian

I'm facing some problems and believe this list is the right place to ask
for help,as it is remated to custom CD creation

To do this, I had to
* create udebs (done)
* create a personnal repository with reprepro (done)
* create custom debian installer (done)
* upload this installer to the repo (partly done, see below)
* create cd with simple-cdd

The simple-cdd script fails because of simple-cdd hash verification. In
fact, simple-cdd try to verify the sha256sum for the ... SHA256SUM file.
It searches for the sha256sum into the Release file of the repository

If you look at the official jessie repository, you have such a hash

 9ecaf703beaa8d2a5aff44c581162a9b    72131

My Release file in the repository does not have such a line. Although
the debian installer image is correctly deployed (a byHandHook in
reprepro that launch a script that does a tar xzf of
debian-installer-images*tar.gz) and the debian installer package is

How do I do to correct the Release file ? Is reprepro in charge of it ?
Or do I have to do this manually to correct the Release ?

Do I have to reconstruct manually the Release hash after that and the
release.gpg, or does reprepro do this ?

Thanks in advance for taking some time to read all this and for your
possible answers

Sincerely yours

Laurent C.

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