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Re: Python 2 in the default installation -- progress made!

Dear -boot & -cd,

In re-reading #758234, I noticed a request that -boot and -cd be kept up to 
speed with priority changes that might have an impact on the installer.

In the thread starting at


we have been looking at whether Python 2 can finally be kicked out of the 
Standard task with only Python 3 being installed rather than both being 
installed as is currently the case.

The remaining binary (source) packages that need their priorities changed are:

* python (python-defaults)
* python2.7 (python2.7)
* python-apt (python-apt)
* python-gpg (gpgme1.0)

The relevant maintainers seem to be happy with these changes. (Upcoming 
python-defaults and python2.7 uploads will change the source packages; python-
apt and python-gpg already have 'optional' within the source package). Bugs 
asking the ftp team to change the overrides are ready to be filed.

Additionally, changed dependencies are needed in:

* logrotate (Recommends: mailx → bsd-mailx | mailx), #849743

Your comments on (and hopefully assent to) these changes would be welcome.


(Please CC me in replies)

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