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Re: Inclusion of Text based browsers in testing

On 2016-12-03 14:51:44, RAHUL 14BCE0064 wrote:
> Hello,
> Through this mail I would like to request the developers of the cd images to
> include at least text based browsers like w3m,lynx etc.I understand your
> concern about the size of the image in cd's but a text based browser won't be
> of that much concern.
> The reason I am asking for this is because there are some wifi connections that
> need in browser authentication like shown here in my post http://
> unix.stackexchange.com/questions/245477/arch-installationsolved
> without a browser it's nearly impossible to authenticate and access the web to
> install other packages.


as I can understand where are you coming from with this request, personally I'm
not convinced that any kind of browser belongs to the minimal base image.
Most of the minimal systems doesn't need it and if you'd use BD I think there
should be something (browser wise) already available.

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