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Re: Do the file timestamps in ISOs matter ?


by the narrow margin of one vote, the proposal "set_to_mtime" wins.
Committed as http://libburnia-project.org/changeset/5757

man 1 xorrisofs of the next release will state:

  SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH  belongs to the specs of reproducible-builds.org.  It
  is supposed to be either undefined or to contain a decimal number which
  tells the seconds since january 1st 1970. If it contains a number, then
  it is used as time value to set the default of --modification-date= and
  --gpt_disk_guid.    The   default   of   --set_all_file_dates  is  then
  Startup  files  and  program  options  can  override  the   effect   of

This refers to the description of two new options:

  --gpt_disk_guid value
      Control  whether  an emerging GPT shall get a randomly generated
      disk GUID or whether the GUID is supplied by  the  user.   Value
      "random"  is  default.  Value "modification-date" produces a low
      quality GUID from the value set by option --modification-date=.

  --set_all_file_dates timestring
      If the timestring is "set_to_mtime", then the atime and ctime of
      each file and directory get set to  the  value  found  in  their

I am now beginning final regression tests for the release of xorriso-1.4.6.

Have a nice day :)


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