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Re: Why there are 12 md5sums while there are only 5 isos in Debian's official site?


On Thu, Sep 01, 2016 at 10:54:37PM +0800, Ming Lu wrote:
>I've asked a question on stackexchange, here is the link:


>Beside, has multi-arch has desktop environment embeded? It seems that it
>only has xorg but no gome, lxde etc.. I also opened an thread
>at stackexchange, but this question you don't need to answer there.

As answered there, it appears that the multi-arch DVD is not not big
enough to hold all the packages needed for all the desktops. If you
had internet access, you could also add a network mirror to get the
rest, or use a single-architecture DVD instead where more will fit on
the DVD.

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