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Re: Bug#758116: Allow to select Blends selection during installation - just "DE", "Web server", "Mail server" is NOT enough

[Cyril Brulebois]
> There's no udebs involved in what I summarized for Blends.

Exactly.  I suspect using udebs to enable blends is be a better idea
than making the Blends tasksel tasks priority standard.

> Also: If pkgsel changes the way it calls tasksel, debian-edu udebs can
> certainly interact with it so that it behaves as desired.

You misunderstand the role of the udebs.  The Debian Edu udeb ask for
education-tasks to be installed, and then the normal d-i take care of
the rest to get the correct Debian Edu tasks installed using tests and
the locale settings.  Sure, we can come up with a new way to do it, but
my point is that we are using this feature of tasksel today, and there
is no alternative I know of that is equally robust and well integrated
into the installer.

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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