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Re: debian-installer issues with no wireless network connection after a text based Jessie installation

I don't know if preserving installation logs menu selection captures an additional entry when debian's speech is enabled for an installation or not. If so preserving log files and saving to a mounted file system would show whether or not debian speech was enabled for firmware install or not. If debian's speech is enabled for installation the configuration to enable speech for post-install in stock debian distributions is copied to the target system by default to help with accessibility.

On Fri, 20 May 2016, Cyril Brulebois wrote:

Date: Fri, 20 May 2016 03:53:03
From: Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org>
To: Nick Gawronski <nick@nickgawronski.com>
Cc: Alex ARNAUD <alexarnaud@member.fsf.org>,
    debian-accessibility@lists.debian.org, debian-boot@lists.debian.org,
Subject: Re: debian-installer issues with no wireless network connection after
     a text based Jessie installation

Hi Nick,

Nick Gawronski <nick@nickgawronski.com> (2016-05-20):
Hi, The name of the iso I was using is firmware-8.0.0-amd64-netinst.iso

 and it is in the archive for the debian-installer.  I ran the installation
using this image as my network cards both wired and wireless require
firmware and I also ran the installation on low priority and choose to
install everything like non-free as well as backports.  For the main tasks
for this text based installation I selected just the standard system as I
want this system to be small.  Everything installed just fine and I was
connected to the installation over the network as I wanted to test out the
network console using my windows 10 system and was able to follow all
prompts but then once the Debian system rebooted no internet settings were
on the system in the /etc/network/interfaces or any other wifi packages that
were installed such as wpa_supplicant.  My question is why does the
installer not copy over the wireless networking settings from the installer
to the target system when doing a text only install with speech?  Nick

In the general case, the installer (through its netcfg component) should
be copying the network settings over from the installer system to the
installed system.

I'm not familiar with the firmware version of installer images, so I'm
adding the debian-cd@ list to the loop, so that people building those
images can comment on this. They might appreciate if you could extract
the following log file from your system and attach it to an email:


We might have a missing integration bit to enable non-free packages on
the installation system (this might be by design because of freeness
issues, or maybe an oversight; no idea), or maybe a buggy behaviour.

The log file mentioned above might help them figure out what happened on
your system.



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