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Re: Building cloud images on Debian infrastructure

On Thu, Apr 07, 2016 at 06:35:52PM +1000, Chris Fordham wrote:
> It does not however need to be based on a tar if that is what is being
> debated (or the master is a tar). Its a completely normal practice to build
> an image in mounted loopback with a .img (raw) and then convert that to
> desired formats, packages and the root fs into a flat file tar.

I see no reason to have two code-paths doing the same thing.  So using
the tar as input always reduces the overall complexity of the software.

> For 'transformations' where you modify files or run commands in chroot of
> the filesystem that is within the artifact, its actually more dancing to
> extract a tarball than it is to simply mount an image in loopback.

The is a lot more than "simply mount an image", as this image contains
partitions, not neccesarily at the same location.  So no, this is not


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