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Re: Building cloud images on Debian infrastructure

 ❦  1 avril 2016 00:13 +0200, Thomas Goirand <zigo@debian.org> :

>> See Riku's talk at DebConf Heidelberg - there are many tools and
>> it would be generally better for customized tools to give way to
>> generalist tools which can use wrappers or enhancements to provide the
>> remaining functionality.
> I don't agree. Better for what? Specialized tools do what they do well.
> Generalist tools are over-engineered. To the contrary,
> openstack-debian-images is composed of a unique, very small shell
> script, easy to hack.

There are many choices that are quite discutable in those
images. Notably, the choice of extlinux without any proper
integration. This is a pain to get another kernel or just to change a
few boot parameters. An official Debian image should use grub2. As far
as I understand, the choice of extlinux is because it's easier to
install. Other tools are able to use grub2.

I just noticed that it is using ext3 instead of ext4 too (just opened a
bug about this).

I am happy to have those images instead of nothing but it doesn't seem
to be the state of the art of what a Debian cloud image is. Of course,
this has nothing to do with its size.

> And by the way, if we were to use a generalist tools, I'd certainly vote
> for diskimage-builder, which really, does a lot (really a lot) and is
> really modular. If there's one tool to work on so it becomes *the*
> generalist solution, then it's that one.

Didn't know about this one. It seems nice and flexible if you need to
handle different distributions. However, "generalist tools are
over-engineered". It would be simpler to use a Debian-only tool for
Debian images.
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