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Meeting minutes "Azure images build process"

today, Bastian Blank, Steve McIntyre and Martin Zobel-Helas had a chat
on #debian-cd about the current build process of cloud images based on
the current Azure images. Bastian explained the current build process,
Steve set some requirements on what is needed to move part of that build
process to cdbuilder.d.o infrastructure. We also spoke about some
milestones attached with dates.

Present persons
* Steve McIntyre
* Bastian Blank
* Martin Zobel-Helas

Current Azure Build System
* Jenkins on Azure Infrastructure (https://azure-build.debian.net/)
* Jenkins runs a slightly patched version of zigo's OpenStack image
  builder script.
* Image publishing on Azure is restricted and tied to a special Azure

Requirements by cd team
* want to see everything in the archive
    * stable-updates to be enabled by default
    * stable-backports is not considered to be acceptable in general.
      Exceptions may be given after discussion for packages and/or 
      fixes that can't go into stable and fix a bug with severity "
      important" or higher.
* for main advertised images it's got to be in main
* if we also have some scope for extra/alternate images with non-free if
  that's needed
* for setup and maintenance of this stuff, we'll need DDs doing the work
* all the build scripts and setup are public
* it'll fit in on our build infra
* images will be published on Debian infrastructure along with the
  upload to the vendor
* test suite (see below) logs need to be public

Requirements from vendors (Azure in this case)
* timely release of images with security updates

* July 2nd: first image build on cdbuilder
* Beginning of Sep: test suite requirements agreed
* Mid of Oct: all images need to cover all tests of the test suite that
  was agreed beginning of Sep

Tasks for waldi/zobel
* Talk to Microsoft about the concept of signed images.
* Start discussion about test suite policy
* Give feedback to Microsoft about publishing images on Debian infrastructure

Tasks for cd-image team
* spread the word about milestone dates
* supporting work needed for more image builds
* start discussion about test suites and requirements
work out plan for publishing test results etc.


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