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Re: Build own set of live cd/images using pettersson like setup

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On 08-Mar-2016 3:35 am, Christian Bayle <chris@bayle.eu> wrote:


My goal was to build a set of live CD with french keyboard/language support

I found it would be nice to reuse pettersson setup, found here :

I saw in the README file that no script was provided to build the VM
that builds the CD, thought sufficient information were given, to make
my own, I contribute here, what I did.

Find attached the script I wrote to build the vm, and a patch against
the git repository, to make it work and build a (partly) localized set
of live CD

It make use of virtinst to build the VM

* Quick start to use it on your own server:

- As root :

apt-get install virtinst libvirt-clients libvirtd-bin
adduser debian-cd

adduser debian-cd kvm
adduser debian-cd libvirt

mkdir -p /mnt/nfs-image/.live/new/log
chown -R  debian-cd.debian-cd /mnt/nfs-image/.live

- As debian-cd user :

git clone
https://alioth.debian.org/anonscm/git/debian-cd/pettersson-live.git live

copy attached kvm-build in live/bin directory
apply build_vm_fr.patch

cd in live directory and run bin/kvm-build

You can watch console running the "build vm" build using virt-manager
and login as debian-cd

If everything goes well you'll get a default stretch vm to build live cd

you can build a minimal set running bin/small-build

Feel free to reuse as GPLV2+ (as far as I was said on IRC, it's the
current license for this repo)

Comments / Questions welcome :-)



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