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Bug#812236: CD-Image does not boot with Libreboot/GRUB

GOOD DAY! mr. Watson,  hope all is well with you and your family, as well
thx for reading this message. Im still unable to utilize any of the
packages etc, I tried creating a kali+Tails+nethunter for myself and
failed to build from errors regarding kernels, Iso missing when i loaded
it from my persistent volume previously downloaded. Is it possible to
submit a document involving either ROOT COMMAND LINE or allow you access
to my secure shell? Im anxious to encrypt my anonymity up to date and
ensure anyone who comes in contact with me doesnt have anything that can
snoop my end of things. I would pay you btc providing you give me a price
and were to send it. Im losing my mind trying to download and install with
result in nothing accomplished:( my system is : I386
> ey bud, im still enduring difficulty successfully downloading kali rolling
> with grub...can you possibly access my laptop in the event i allow you in
> my secur shell?
>> ok can you help me build kali 2.0 + tails 1.8.2 off same boot? ill pay
>> in
>> btc
>>> On Sat, Jan 16, 2016 at 03:36:26PM +0100, Carsten Otto wrote:
>>>>Dear Debian CD admins,
>>>>I'm an administrator of ftp.halifax.rwth-aachen.de, and your project is
>>>>mirrored by us.
>>>>Right now I'm preparing a clean list of projects and corresponding
>>>>contact addresses, so that we can get into touch with you more easily.
>>>>As there are a few upcoming changes, news, and questions from our side,
>>>>please make sure to **confirm/update your contact address(es)** used
>>>> for
>>>>this mail, also shown below. Another mail with more actual content will
>>>>be sent around next week or so.
>>>>  debian-cd@lists.debian.org
>> On Sun, Jan 24, 2016 at 07:36:27PM +0100, Frank Guthausen wrote:
>>> 2) Grub's chainloading depends on BIOS/UEFI:
>>> http://www.gnu.org/software/grub/manual/grub.html
>>> | Chain-loading is only supported on PC BIOS and EFI platforms.
>> I don't know that this is fundamentally true.  "Supported" is of course
>> a word that can mean various things, but there is at least an
>> implementation of the "chainloader" command for coreboot (etc.).  See
>> grub-core/loader/i386/coreboot/chainloader.c.
>> --
>> Colin Watson                                       [cjwatson@debian.org]
> --
> Version: BCPG C# v1.6.1.0
> mQENBFZjW4MBCACTr1LBzLZzck+le90wBoPcgo1yfSJkDehJweAH1Hv7N0A+O9zp
> n6Bs6Ejq/5T4pyPi+mWd5svWJBMDbEZZ1hMd5P49SFhe4RjxfEtDvSmoHZkkn2zj
> E81p/Vwj3iQ1LreQFjIyPo+nRNW/bQS3Lz92D8xqXMIrl0dZjshHURRuZZbhMqww
> aBor5BLdDupUVkJnU03H7VpeB4Gp2yKLnZGiz48OHQqwtRKmwsaYvrgYIHCK8K1p
> LrzW57LIjbxzpT98FLXgi/4YSh4i2W1ctruXTwfCBlf2Wi5+MmmylcoIDpcGyn5Y
> xoEilnu3pwCxtp56XEnVpzwHKWnkwKeRN+DBABEBAAG0FWtsb2Nrd2Vya0B0dXRh
> bm90YS5kZYkBHAQQAQIABgUCVmNbgwAKCRB/x6Vzi/BduJjtB/90i8qvr3BRKwYy
> mSpiQBgwv4xhx7rb7MdNEVtRfYlAS4S5nXU6v5BydpQyzPdBxFrWY26hULQWOGwE
> ACnKRFEMDoIAq/FXYd5ina0pO/lmsTz3uauiZ28rq/HxxVLZb9qLsO6VIIppr2HN
> aSISZpK0Ny5A3Fm9Y2Ff/92kFbj6FjQytJnyYlsh4Pfb8ymFQRwEfJH6awrlIb3y
> 3KhIc836fEPyXGePD2k6C79q/o9I0ijR/rQCUv8NVOIfznakgvYeexCWt+wJFclI
> 6Qh/sgxNIhpMWuF8rSHM0NY9teaGubTUFIK4GVG+s1FJzKIOUnwPhtIRfPHNWqhh
> 9xaJDQ7s
> =IMpu

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