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UEFI support for mini.iso?

Hi folks,

The "netboot" target of the debian-installer build system builds the
PXE-booting files for the installer, as well as a 30-40MB "mini.iso"
image that contains just the kernel and initramfs for the installer to
boot. This makes it smaller than the netinst, which makes it my personal
favourite of booting a Debian system; but its reliance on being in
sync with the mirror archive network (if the kernel is updated,
you need to also update the iso images, otherwise it won't be able to
find matching kernel modules) makes it probably not a good choice for
the general public.

This image however does not support booting on a UEFI-only system. I
would look at fixing that myself, except that my understanding of UEFI
is extremely limited.

Is there anyone with the required knowledge who would be willing to
look into fixing that?

If not, where can I read up on how the current CD images generate UEFI
boot configuration, so I can copy the relevant bits to the mini.iso


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