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Re: Debian images on Oracle Compute Cloud Service

On Fri, 2016-01-29 at 14:14 -0200, Tiago Ilieve wrote:
> Hello fellows from Debian CD and Debian Cloud teams,
> As you may know, Oracle is interested on getting official Debian
> images on their cloud platform[1]. I've been working with them on this
> matter and now that we have a proper way to build those images using
> bootstrap-vz (the code is not yet on upstream, but is available on my
> fork[2]), we would like to do what is needed to call them "official".
> Emmanuel Kasper remembered[3] us of the guidelines for official
> images[4] and I talked with Steve McIntyre in private about this.
> Today, I took a few hours to read again the entire thread (and related
> off-thread messages) started by Martin Zobel-Helas[5] regarding Debian
> images on Azure, which brought the matter to our attention in the last
> November. Right now my main concern is: we need a custom kernel
> (compressed with gzip instead of xz), otherwise the instance will not
> be able to boot on the current version of Oracle Compute Cloud
> Service.

Is this the same issue described in
That's quite sad as Xen has supported xz compression for several years

I don't think this is sufficient reason to change compression back, and
we're certainly not going to do that for jessie.

If OCC supports loading uncompressed kernels, perhaps you could add a
support package that decompresses vmlinuz at kernel installation time?


Ben Hutchings
Larkinson's Law: All laws are basically false.

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