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Bug#812236: CD-Image does not boot with Libreboot/GRUB

Package: debian-cd
Version: 3.1.17

Debian 8.2.0 amd64 CD 1

On a system with Libreboot and GRUB payload, the Debian installation
CD 1 does not boot properly. An error message as follows can be provoked:

| error: kernel without label.

Similar issues can be observed with older versions or derived

The file /isolinux/txt.cfg contains a boot entry
| menu default
| kernel /install.amd/vmlinuz
which has got a different pattern than other boot entries.

I suggest to change the first line of the boot entry into
| menu label default
which fits into the syntax pattern.

Starting from /isolinux/menu.cfg there are other config files included,
but some of them do not exist in the CD-Image iso9660 filesystem, e.g.
amdtxt.cfg or amdgtk.cfg which might cause problems, too.

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