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Re: Mirror cdimage.debian.org?

On Sat, 2 Jan 2016, Cyril Brulebois wrote:


A friend of mine noted cdimage.debian.org was rather slow from France,
and thought there might be some CDN misconfiguration. AFAICT,
cdimage.debian.org is served from two IPs at acc.umu.se; would it make
sense to have its contents mirrored somewhere else? Any estimate as far
as size goes?

In addition to those two IPs, we do http redirects for large files to offloaders, for details about the ACC mirror cluster see:


We currently shouldn't have any performance issues on our side the last few weeks, and the /debian-cd/ part of cdimage.debian.org is widely

If you are takling about the /cdimage/ area which includes the archive, daily and weekkly builds, alpha releases, snapshots for jigdo, etc the total size is 8.4TiB and the traffic is less than 10% of ftp.acc.umu.se total traffic (as opposed to 50% which is the share of /debian-cd/). It might be good to have one other site for availability in case we have a downtime, but I fear that a bunch of regular mirrors of it would take up much more bandwidth than just serving it to users.

Some traffic numbers can be found on:


/Mattias Wadenstein - admin, Academic Computer Club at Umeå University

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