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Bug#497471: sarge images have syslinux binaries without source

For what it's worth, syslinux-2.04 source is available here:


This is a list files shown for version 2.04:

   syslinux-2.04.lsm               20-Oct-2011 19:13  3.0K
   syslinux-2.04.lsm.sign          20-Oct-2011 19:13  836
   syslinux-2.04.tar.bz2           20-Oct-2011 19:08  309K
   syslinux-2.04.tar.gz            20-Oct-2011 19:08  379K
   syslinux-2.04.tar.sign          20-Oct-2011 19:08  836
   syslinux-2.04.tar.xz            20-Oct-2011 19:08  257K
   syslinux-2.04.zip               20-Oct-2011 19:13  462K
   syslinux-2.04.zip.sign          20-Oct-2011 19:13  836

Hopefully there's a way of verifying that this is the correct source for
what was shipped with the Sarge images.

GPL license compliance requires that users be able to get the source for the
binary upon request -- so I believe what's required to handle this bug is
verification and documentation.  I'd like to think that can be done with
some kind of errata file placed /next to/ the Sarge images in the archive
rather than having to rebuild the Sarge images themselves.

   -- Chris

Chris Knadle

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