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Problem between priorities of libisofs6 and libjte1


trying to get in contact with Steve McIntyre about
Debian bug #800130, libjte1:

A few weeks ago i made packages of xorriso-1.4.0 et.al.
which are now in Debian testing, thanks to Dominique

QA complains about libisofs6 having Priority "optional" but
depending on libjte1 with Priority "extra":

I wrote to Steve in septemnber and a few days later filed
the bug.
A new release of libisofs is planned to happen before the
end of the year.

My favorite solution would be to set libjte1 to "optional", too.
I cannot see hard reasons in the policy description which
would prevent this. libjte1 is for an exotic use case. But
libisofs6 has a popcon rank around 1000.

Less favorable would be to remove the dependency on libjte1
and to tell all Jigdo producers to use GNU xorriso or to
modify the Debian source packages of libisofs, libisoburn,
and xorriso.

Quite unfavorable would be to set libisofs, libisoburn, and
xorriso to "extra". libisofs is a dependency of xfburn which
has priority "optional".

Have a nice day :)


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