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Bug#800418: Debian Installer fails "Load installer components from CD"

The Debian Installer menu item "Load installer components from CD" is
the step that fails.  The user interface message is not helpful as it
says "Failed to load installer component
Loading partman-base failed for unkown reasons. Aborting."

Today I tried downloading the debian-update-8.2.0-powerpc-DVD-1.iso
and burning the DVD.  I had hoped that this was an update to correct
this error in the Debian Installer but once I mounted the DVD in Mac
OS X I saw that it does not even contain the installer!

I was looking forward to deploying Debian on this iMac as a simpler
exercise like I have experienced in deploying Debian on several i386
machines in the past.

I'd love to start hacking on the install image boot configuration, and
whatever else contributes to this failure.  Can anyone spare a moment
to give me a pointer to where the source is for this and instructions
for building an install image?


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