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Fw: Key number could not be verified

Hello debian-cd

This week I downloaded the Debian 8.2.0 ISO CDs.

When verifying I see the SHA-512 checksums match with the master checksum file. Downloaded it from this site:http://cdimage.debian.org/debian-cd/8.2.0/amd64/iso-cd/

However, the key number with which the checksum file is encrypred is  0xDA87E80D6294BE9B and that key cannot be found on the Debian page. At least I could not find it, not manually on your web page and not via the Kleopatra Gnu PG tool.

I use the following server: keyring.debian.org

However, the key cannot be found on there. 

Now I am not sure if this key is actually correct and I cannot ascertain that the checksum file is not manipulated. 

I could also not find the key on this site:

Can you tell me if this is a valid Debian key number and where I can find that?

Perhaps I am overly concerned but I hate the idea to install an OS with hundreds of GBs of ISO files without being sure that the files are not tempered with. 

Your advice is much appreciated.

Kind regards,

Robert Hertel

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