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Bug#783318: cdimage.debian.org: live+nonfree image does not use needed nonfree firmware in booted system

Package: cdimage.debian.org
Severity: important

Dear Steve,

When testing the live image live-non-free/amd64/iso-hybrid/debian-live-8.0.0-amd64-gnome-desktop+nonfree.iso for Jessie, my laptop booted correctly, but I failed to get wireless. Apparently the firmware-iwlwifi is on the image, but not installed on the booted system. After mounting /dev/sdb1 and manually dpkg -i ../pool/non-free/f/firmware-nonfree/firmware-iwlwifi_0.43_all.deb I could use the wireless.

As a live image is expected to work out of the box and this affects many users I have chosen to classify this as an important bug.



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