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Timing for D-I Jessie RC3


After checking with Steve, the following should do:
 - last uploads and unblocks for d-i related things happen this week;
 - the release happens before the end of the week (possibly on Friday
   17th, cdimage builds after that, announce before the morning of
   Sunday 19th) → this gives us D-I Jessie RC3;
 - nothing is touched until the Jessie release on the 25th except in
   case of major blockers.

It'd be great to have an updated installation-guide in testing for D-I
Jessie RC3. I'm happy to see this package updated until the 25th.

I'll be less available than usual during the 20th-24th week, that's part
of the reason for the no-change-unless-strictly-necessary rule. (Another
part is getting epsilonishly close to the release date.)


(PS: Raphael cc'd so that he doesn't forget about the httpredir.d.o
addition. Please let me/debian-boot@ know when it's done so that we
make sure the next choose-mirror update has it.)

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