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Bug#777711: ARM and MIPS kernel lists out of date

Control: tag -1 pending

On Wed, Feb 11, 2015 at 06:56:43PM +0000, Ben Hutchings wrote:
>Package: debian-cd
>Version: 3.1.13
>Severity: important
>Tags: patch
>tools/generate_d-i+k_list has outdated lists of kernel packages for
>armhf, mips and mipsel.

Taken these for mips*; armhf is already up-to-date but you're looking
at an old version.

>- There are new flavours for all of these in jessie, and MIPS kernels
>  now boot using an initramfs
>- The mipsel/loongson-2f and mips/octeon flavours were added in
>  wheezy but seem to have been missed here (this should perhaps be
>  fixed in a wheezy point release too)

Good point. I'll backport this too.

>The 4kc-malta and 5kc-malta flavours for mips and mipsel are also
>missing here, but since these flavours have been around for a long
>time I assume this is deliberate.

I believe so, but it's been a long time since I've had any of the mips
folks suggest updates.

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