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Re: i386 EFI (and Mac builds)

Steve McIntyre <steve@einval.com> (2015-01-31):
> So, I've spent a lot of time hacking on things to get i386 and mixed
> amd64/i386 systems working with EFI in d-i, debian-cd, grub etc.


> As an explanation: turning on i386 EFI is an easy thing, but it will
> cause some older x86 Macs to stop being able to boot Debian
> installation media. They have broken firmware which breaks when more
> than one boot method is available on CD media (in this case, BIOS boot
> and EFI boot). So, if we want to continue supporting these users we'll
> need to provide a/some special Mac flavour(s) of i386 install
> disc. I'm proposing that we make *only* a special Mac flavour of the
> netinst, and I've already started working on that locally in
> debian-cd.
> So... How does that sound? We'll need to add more docs for this, of
> course, and it's likely to confuse *some* users which bothers me.

It's definitely tricky to get that right indeed. There's so much
confusion around netinst vs. netboot in people's mind… but yeah, we
can't hold i386 EFI back because of some old, buggy hardware, even if
it's as widespread/famous as Macs. Pointing people to the right doc /
image is something that shouldn't take us too much time once doc has
been written/updated. Supporting newer hardware seems more important
to me than keeping a flawless experience for older hardware (with all
images that is, as long as we keep support for it through netinst…).


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