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Bug#776414: Blurry EFI splash

Package: debian-cd

When an official Debian disc image is loaded on a system with EFI, the
bootloader is displayed at at size of 800x600, larger than that used on
BIOS systems (640x480). The disc images include a bootloader splash
image (found in the syslinux directory) which has dimensions of 640x480
however, which is displayed sharp and clear on BIOS systems, but on EFI
systems, this splash image is stretched up to 800x600 making it blurry.

Please either swap the 640x480 image with an 800x600 one (presuming
syslinux will scale it down correctly), or include an additional 800x600
sized one for the grub (EFI) bootloader to use.

I have attached a copy of an updated/alternative 'Lines' theme svg,
which I also sent to the debian-cd team recently for consideration. This
uses the latest 'Lines' theme assets (I noticed tiny differences in the
logo compared to the current png that is available in the debian-cd_info
archive available on the mirrors), and I made an attempt to clean up the
'GNU/Linux' text (which someone other than the theme author has added on
top and imo looked messy).

CC-ing the debian-installer team, since the debian-cd_info archive is
held under the installer directories on the mirrors.

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