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Bug#776317: Jessie RC1 amd64 mini image missing efi bootloader

Hi Jack,

and thanks for your report.

Jack Truong <jack.truong@uwaterloo.ca> (2015-01-26):
> Package: cdimage.debian.org
> Apologies if this is the wrong package.

This might be, but don't worry, we'll sort it out.

> I'm using the jessie rc1 amd64 mini.iso and the EFI partition doesn't seem
> to have anything in it. It should have efi/boot/boot<arch>.efi for EFI
> firmware to load properly. It also doesn't seem to exist in the i386 image
> either.

mini.iso is produced during the build of the debian-installer package, and later installed on mirrors in e.g.:

I've just grabbed mini.iso in both (respectively used for Beta 2 and RC
1), and both seem to have efi bits inside (at least according to a loop
mount). I don't know much about EFI Partition etc. therefore I'm not
sure how they're related to an ISO9660 image. :/

It'd be nice to start by telling us the full URL to the mini.iso you


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