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Re: jessie uefi netinst build 2 test

On Fri, Jan 09, 2015 at 06:48:53PM +1300, Philip Charles wrote:

Hi Phil,

Could you expand on some of these a little for me please? You're a
little too terse for me to follow exactly what you've done and seen!

>    Results of testing the netinst usb stick.
>Three tests
>i386 into the trad bios environmeny.  Installed.  Had to go to a second
>grub menu to boot.  Jumped straight from installing packages to
>installing grub.

At what point did you have "to go to a second grub menu to boot" ? Did
the installer jump straight from installing packages to installing
grub, or did you do that yourself? Did everything work in the end?

>i386 in efi environment.  Installed.  No grub menu no boot.  Jumped to
>installing grub.

So, the installer worked OK? But then you didn't get a grub menu on
the next installation?

>amd64 in the efi environment.  Installed.  Grub menu.  Went through all
>the installation stages.

And it worked OK?

>Should I have tried amd64 in the trad bios environment?

No, no need to be honest - that's not what I'm working on atm.

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