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Bug#768461: If meaninfgul, please consider adding 32bit uefi capabilities to amd64 netinst mages

Package: debian-cd
Version: 3.1.16
Severity: wishlist


I have been recently helping a friend to try Debian installation in an
ASUS Transformer T100. It is a tablet coupled to a detachable keyboard
having a hard disk. It has a 64bit Intel processor, but a 32 bit UEFI
and no legacy mode, and this is the first problem we found.

Searching the web about this issue, I found that this problem is not
only in this particular box, but also appears in other boxes, having
Intel Bay Trail 64bit processor, but 32bit UEFI with no legacy


Quoting from that Ubuntu bug report

-- 8< --
Intel released a new Atom iteration (Bay Trail) in late 2013 and has
indicated that they will continue to develop and release Atom CPUs due
to consumer market demand. At the time of this filing there are a
number of Atom-based tablets and compact laptops/netbooks being
actively sold and marketed by major OEMs including Dell, HP, ASUS, and
Acer. None of these devices have 64-bit UEFI firmware. It is also
important to note that these Atom CPUs are 64-bit, but explicitly
require a 32-bit UEFI bootloader.
-- >8 --

We are stil doing some blind guesses about how to approach the problem
before trying the actual install and started to guess a possible
approach with elements from unofficial stuff in


but this makes me wonder if it is possible to have working 32 bit UEFI
filesalong with the 64 bit ones in amd64 netinst images, so the image
works in 64 bit boxes having either 32 or 64 bit UEFI. There seems to
be a non negligible number of boxes needing that.



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