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Re: Debion live.

John Sandeman wrote:
Hi. Steve.
I want to know if this DVD is ok to use on a 64bit pc with either an amd or intel processor?
I am trying to learn Linux I do not have any programming knowledge and am 80 years old, do you think it is possible to use your live disc for me to do this. Would appreciate your

Are you a new computer user or just new to linux? There is a Debian Linux OS for new computer users called "HandyLinux" and it's Debian Wheezy/stable http://distrowatch.com/weekly.php?issue=20140811#feature

If you are already an experienced computer user then please try all the different versions of Debian-Live and see what you like, I like easy linux or what's called "point & click" linux and use the KDE plasma-desktop with all the bells & whistles and everything works too, Debian-Live KDE does just that, I’ve tried all the different versions, some are smaller and faster, you should try them too.
Jimmy Johnson

Tanglu GNU/Linux - AMD 64 - KDE 4.11.5 - EXT4 at sda8
Registered Linux User #380263

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