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Bug#752133: debian-cd: Use cpu autodetection by default on amd64-i386 CDs

Package: debian-cd
Version: 3.1.15
Severity: wishlist

With a multi-arch CD containing both amd64 and i386, the default boot menu
entry appears to install 32 bit, and the user has to explicitly select the 64
bit installation option.

Unless you first go to the help menu, and then "hit ENTER to boot:"...
Then it autodetects weather you're running amd64 or i386, and runs the
appropriate one. So most of the code is already there...

Wouldn't it make more sense to default to autodetection, and allow the user to
select 32 or 64 bit explicitly (maye even hidden away in an "Advanced"

Is there concern that autodetection might fail too often to be worth it?
I've seen hundreds of computers per year work just fine of a fairly random
distribution in hardware at a computer recycling facility, and I cannot recall
ifcpu64 failing me even once... that said it was mostly 3-7 year old

I could dig a little deeper and possibly write a patch, if there wasn't
opposition to the general idea...

Thanks for maintaining debian-cd!

live well,

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