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Bug#751730: please use syslinux-utils instead of isolinux for isohybird


> these programs are usable on
> all architectures even if the bootloader isn't available,

Be aware that neither old isohybrid.pl nor new isohybrid.c are
independent of the SYSLINUX version.

I can forward this warning by H. Peter Anvin (hpa), the author
of ISOLINUX, from personal experience a few years ago.
I had implemented isohybrid in libisofs and got urged to use
the  isohdp*x.bin  files of the individual ISOLINUX installation
instead of a hardcoded MBR copied from some version of

shows that the isohdpfx.o module of isohybrid.c stems from
isohdp*x.bin and isohdp*x_[fc].bin of the installed SYSLINUX

Maybe this problem is insignificant in the light of the known
bugs of isohybrid.c. Worst one is with GPT production:
memcpy() of twice as many bytes than provided by the constant
text that is the copy source:
This and more bugs are reported in

Further (to be obviously nitpicking) isohybrid is suitable only
for architectures which boot via PC-BIOS. That would be amd64
and i386. Since amd64 for EFI could well need digestible UTF-16
names in the GPT, the advisable scope of isohybrid.c is i386 alone.

Have a nice day :)


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