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Re: removing kfreebsd-9 from D-I (Re: Bug#743292: dhclient fails during installation with weekly iso (freebsd-amd64))


On 11/05/14 11:52, Robert Millan wrote:
> On 04/05/14 13:22, Robert Millan wrote:
>> It'd need a small fix. Can you check it in? I don't have write perms
>> in debian-cd.
> Anyone? kfreebsd-9 really ought to be removed from D-I. It produces
> dhclient failure for new installs.

I agree that kfreebsd-9, unfortunately, is no longer useful to have in
jessie/sid D-I because of this.  And fixing it is not worth substantial
effort.  So I'm happy to see it removed now.

I don't have commit access to debian-cd either.

Steven Chamberlain

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