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Lymboo Math - individualized and adaptive online math program

Dear Educator,

My name is Melissa White, Director of School Relations for Lymboo Math. I am writing to offer you and your students free access to Lymboo Math for the rest of the school year and also during summer! With Lymboo Math your students can avoid the "summer slide" in learning and be well-prepared for the challenges of the next school year.

Lymboo Math is a leading web-based math enrichment program used by hundreds of thousands of teachers and their students both at school and at home. It is the only comprehensive, structured, and rigorous math program designed to build a strong foundation in math. Combined with Lymboo Math Test Prep, it is the most effective math program available.

Please visit http://lymboo.com/requestclassroom to activate your free classroom account.


* The program is becoming a great asset for my students in study skills. I love the fact the lessons are at their individual levels. It is like having another teacher in the room to fill in those gaps. -- Alyson Griffith, Fifth grade teacher, Wall Intermediate, NJ

* I am using Lymboo Math to differentiate and individualize math for each student. I love that it is a software program that can meet each student where they are on their individual level, then map out a plan for each student to help them improve and grow in their levels of ability and skill. -- Marsha Holland, Third grade teacher, Bessemer City Central, NC

* I love that my students beg to do it! Who would think the kiddos would beg to do math! They enjoy it so much! -- Amy Peterson, First grade teacher, Park Side Elementary, MN

* Students are able to work independently on critical concepts. They are given feedback which allows them to address any learning deficiencies. -- Mary Spence, Fourth grade teacher, Five Points, AL

* My 3rd graders use Lymboo Math as part of our morning start-up routine. They love the daily assignments that are specific for them. I love the emailed updates and information as the kids move through the stages. -- Lynda Ross, Third grade teacher, Hanover Street Elementary, PA

* I teach students with special needs. Your program is easy and fun for my students. I use it as a reinforcement and a supplement to the core program. The students enjoyed the program and I like your reports because it allows me to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each of my students. -- Martha Chapa, First grade teacher, Drs. Reed&Mock Elementary, TX

To read more visit http://lymboo.com/testimonials


Lymboo Math is rooted in the findings of the best research in cognitive and pedagogical sciences. Insights into effective learning and retention strategies have shaped the structure and content of Lymboo Math. Our program promotes math proficiency through an integrated approach that emphasizes gradual learning, focused practice, spiral reviews, and the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Please visit http://lymboo.com/research to learn more.

Melissa White
Director, School Relations
Lymboo Math

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