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Re: Bug#740504: cdimage.debian.org: Released ISO images have invalid GPT tables


i am sending this only to debian-cd, as it is not specific to
the bugs 740504 and 743879.

Steve McIntyre:
> Please shout if you want me to change to another newer version, e.g. for the
> hppa changes that you've been talking about elsewhere.

Well, 1.3.6.pl01 is the current one. I must of course take the
opportunity to advertise it. :))

The hppa stuff will be in 1.3.8 if Helge confirms that the code
suits the needs of PALO. I will upload a 1.3.7 development snapshot
when this is ready.

1.3.8 will also offer an opportunity to inspect the non-CD boot
equipment of ISOs.
E.g. debian-7.4.0-amd64-netinst.iso looks like:
System area summary: MBR isohybrid cyl-align-on GPT APM
ISO image size/512 : 454656
Partition offset   : 0
MBR heads per cyl  : 64
MBR secs per head  : 32
MBR partition table: N Status  Type        Start       Blocks
MBR partition      : 1   0x80  0x00            0       454656
MBR partition      : 2   0x00  0xef       151000          896
MBR partition path : 2  /boot/grub/efi.img
GPT                :   N  Info
GPT CRC should be  :      0xc550ba17  to match first 92 GPT header block bytes
GPT CRC found      :      0x078e0150  matches all 512 bytes of GPT header block
GPT disk GUID      :      e6d76b72fc42d5439e1949abad17560e
GPT entry array    :      12  208  overlapping
GPT lba range      :      64  454602  454655
GPT partition name :   1  490053004f00480079006200720069006400
GPT partname local :   1  ISOHybrid
GPT partition GUID :   1  e6d76b72fc42d5439e1b49abad17560e
GPT type GUID      :   1  a2a0d0ebe5b9334487c068b6b72699c7
GPT partition flags:   1  0x1000000000000001
GPT start and size :   1  0  454600
GPT partition name :   2  490053004f004800790062007200690064003100
GPT partname local :   2  ISOHybrid1
GPT partition GUID :   2  e6d76b72fc42d5439e1a49abad17560e
GPT type GUID      :   2  a2a0d0ebe5b9334487c068b6b72699c7
GPT partition flags:   2  0x1000000000000001
GPT start and size :   2  151000  896
GPT partition path :   2  /boot/grub/efi.img
APM                :  N  Info
APM block size     :     2048
APM gap fillers    :     0
APM partition name :  1  EFI
APM partition type :  1  Apple_HFS
APM start and size :  1  37750  224
APM partition path :  1  /boot/grub/efi.img

GPT will be recognized only if CRC is correct or if it is my own bug.
The lines about GPT CRC appear only if the bug is detected.

Maybe this is of interest for a rough automatic check of the
resulting ISOs. E.g. do all partition tables have a pointer
to efi.img:

  MBR partition path : 2  /boot/grub/efi.img
  GPT partition path :   2  /boot/grub/efi.img
  APM partition path :  1  /boot/grub/efi.img

Or is an isohybrid MBR recognized and outer partition cylinder aligned
(to please fdisk and to obey the prescriptions of hpa):

  System area summary: MBR isohybrid cyl-align-on GPT APM

in contrast to the GRUB2 based equipment of debian_kfreebsd_mini.iso

  System area summary: MBR protective-msdos-label cyl-align-off

Have a nice day :)


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