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Bug#743879: debian-cd: Fixes for hppa architecture (patch attached)


> Because of how palo is built, it ensures, that the entry point is always
> "zero".

That's very convenient for all of us.

> I will test your xorriso as soon as possible.

Lemme check whether defining the macro
in libisofs/libisofs.h of the current GNU xorriso-1.3.6.pl01 does work:

  vi libisofs/libisofs.h
  (inserting #define Libisofs_enable_unreleased_hppa_palO
   before first occurence of #ifdef Libisofs_enable_unreleased_hppa_palO)


  # mount -o loop /dvdbuffer/debian-508-hppa-businesscard.iso /mnt

  xorriso/xorriso -as mkisofs -r \
   -V 'Debian 5.0.8 hppa Repacked' \
   -o /dvdbuffer/debian-508-hppa-repack.iso  \
   -hppa-cmdline '0/vmlinux initrd=0/ramdisk' \
   -hppa-kernel-32 install/vmlinux-2.6.26-2-parisc \
   -hppa-kernel-64 install/vmlinux-2.6.26-2-parisc64 \
   -hppa-bootloader install/iplboot \
   -hppa-ramdisk install/initrd.gz \

Result looks ok in my (not yet published) analyzer:

  PALO header version: 5
  HP-PA cmdline      : 0/vmlinux initrd=0/ramdisk
  HP-PA boot files   :   ByteAddr    ByteSize  Path
  HP-PA 32-bit kernel:   11368448     4187315  /install/vmlinux-2.6.26-2-parisc
  HP-PA 64-bit kernel:    5578752     5789547  /install/vmlinux-2.6.26-2-parisc64
  HP-PA ramdisk      :     346112     5193978  /install/initrd.gz
  HP-PA bootloader   :    5541888       36864  /install/iplboot

I also tested repacking of debian-7.0-hppa-NETINST-1.iso with a mindlessly
extended command line:

  HP-PA cmdline      : 0/vmlinux initrd=0/ramdisk panic_timeout=60 panic=-1 debian-installer/allow_unauthenticated=true mirror/http/hostname=debian-pBLABLABLABLABLABLABLABLA01234567890verylong__and_more_blablabla_literally_endlessblablabla

  xorriso -as mkisofs -help
does not show the options. (libisofs.h is simply not included in
Just imagine to see these messages as with genisoimage:
  -hppa-kernel-32 FILE        Set hppa 32-bit image name (relative to image root)
  -hppa-kernel-64 FILE        Set hppa 64-bit image name (relative to image root)
  -hppa-bootloader FILE       Set hppa boot loader file name (relative to image root)
  -hppa-ramdisk FILE          Set hppa ramdisk file name (relative to image root)
and this new one to switch back to version 4
  -hppa-hdrversion NUMBER     Set hppa PALO header version to 4 or 5

Have a nice day :)


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