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Bug#743879: debian-cd: Fixes for hppa architecture (patch attached)


looking at your description of ipl_entry computation
- after midnight - makes me search for alternatives.

I would have to duplicate a non-trivial part of PALO
which then would have to be validated against the
original code. From then on, i would have to maintain
it without having much clue.

How about i provide an option
  -hppa-ipl-entry NUMBER
by which debian-cd can tell xorriso -as mkisofs the
value to use, and you provide a program which computes
the NUMBER for debian-cd ?

This would give you full control over this aspect of
ISO production, with one single code base for PALO and
ipl_entry calculator.

(Actually you could provide any constant field value
 by a data file and option -G. This would be the
 template into which libisofs will write the -hppa-*
 parameters. An option -hppa-ipl-entry is just more

Have a nice day :)


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