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Getting ready for d-i jessie alpha 1

Hi folks,

I've just added a few hints (reproduced below) for a bunch of d-i
related packages; debian-installer should be mostly in shape, I
{think,hope}, so if nothing breaks too badly during the britney
run, I'll probably look into building and uploading debian-installer
this sunday. Then maybe migration to testing, and images.

If there's anything wrong, please yell (preferably by mail).


# 2014-03-15
# jessie alpha 1, critical bug fix
unblock apt-setup/1:0.86
urgent apt-setup/1:0.86

# 2014-03-15
# jessie alpha 1, l10n only/mostly
unblock anna/1.52
unblock base-installer/1.145
unblock cdrom-retriever/1.35
unblock clock-setup/0.120
unblock elilo-installer/1.27
unblock grub-installer/1.94
unblock hw-detect/1.99
unblock iso-scan/1.52
unblock lilo-installer/1.45
unblock localechooser/2.61
unblock lvmcfg/1.34
unblock main-menu/1.45
unblock mdcfg/1.46
unblock media-retriever/1.34
unblock netcfg/1.115
unblock net-retriever/1.39
unblock partconf/1.45
unblock partitioner/0.53
unblock partman-auto-lvm/53
unblock partman-auto-raid/26
unblock partman-base/173
unblock partman-basicfilesystems/91
unblock partman-crypto/70
unblock partman-efi/40
unblock partman-ext3/82
unblock partman-jfs/43
unblock partman-lvm/90
unblock partman-md/68
unblock partman-nbd/0.23
unblock partman-newworld/32
unblock partman-partitioning/100
unblock partman-prep/28
unblock partman-target/91
unblock partman-zfs/32
unblock prep-installer/0.23
unblock rescue/1.44
unblock s390-dasd/0.0.30
unblock s390-netdevice/0.0.36
unblock sibyl-installer/1.29
urgent anna/1.52 base-installer/1.145 cdrom-retriever/1.35 clock-setup/0.120 elilo-installer/1.27 grub-installer/1.94 hw-detect/1.99 iso-scan/1.52 lilo-installer/1.45 localechooser/2.61 lvmcfg/1.34 main-menu/1.45 mdcfg/1.46 media-retriever/1.34 netcfg/1.115 net-retriever/1.39 partconf/1.45 partitioner/0.53 partman-auto-lvm/53 partman-auto-raid/26 partman-base/173 partman-basicfilesystems/91 partman-crypto/70 partman-efi/40 partman-ext3/82 partman-jfs/43 partman-lvm/90 partman-md/68 partman-nbd/0.23 partman-newworld/32 partman-partitioning/100 partman-prep/28 partman-target/91 partman-zfs/32 prep-installer/0.23 rescue/1.44 s390-dasd/0.0.30 s390-netdevice/0.0.36 sibyl-installer/1.29

# 2014-03-15
# jessie alpha 1, bug fixes and improvements:
unblock choose-mirror/2.56
unblock flash-kernel/3.14
unblock libdebian-installer/0.93
unblock s390-sysconfig-writer/0.6
urgent choose-mirror/2.56 flash-kernel/3.14 libdebian-installer/0.93 s390-sysconfig-writer/0.6

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