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Re: "4 files could not be downloaded.." debian amd64 7.3.0 (and 7.2.0) DVD 5 with jigdo-lite

Hi Steve,

it's ok now, I could download yesterday the full DVD 5 of debian 7.3.0 for amd64 on ftp.belnet.be
( I think I 've made a mistake too, the mirror entered in jigdo-lite was ftp.belnet.be/debian-cd(because the jigdo files are in this directory and it is written that by default) instead of ftp.belnet.be/debian/ so jigdo-lite goes to snapshot to find the files...)

now I'm downloading the other DVDs (the 6,7,8,9,10).

I'm very happy with the debian gnu linux system that I use since 2004...(before 2004 I used red hat and slackware)

best regards.

stéphane lemoine

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