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Updating the website on point releases

Hey folks,

Thinking about the usuel point release update problems with CD image
filenames and web pages getting out of sync...

Is there any way that I could push updated version numbers and trigger
a (mimited) website rebuild just before I push the latest images into
place on cdimage? pabs and I were discussing this earlier on

2013-12-16 12:05 GMT < Sledge> is there a good way to make a rebuild happen 
                               on-demand such that I *can* sensibly do that?
2013-12-16 12:08 GMT < pabs> get yourself added to press/debwww groups so you 
                             can login to www-master and run update-part
2013-12-16 12:09 GMT < pabs> or maybe the ?cd group? could get access to do that
2013-12-16 12:12 GMT < Sledge> might be the best way, yeah
2013-12-16 12:13 GMT < Sledge> in the past, I've sometimes got taffit or 
                               somebody to do an update ASAP after I change 
                               things on cdimage
2013-12-16 12:13 GMT < Sledge> but it would be neater to be able to update the 
                               web site and stuff on pettersson nigh-on in sync
2013-12-16 12:18 GMT < pabs> I think it would make sense if the cd team and 
                             also the release team would have access to do that
2013-12-16 12:19 GMT < pabs> I suggest discussing it on -www and submit a 
                             ticket to DSA if it is accepted


Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.                                steve@einval.com
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