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Re: More frequent debian-installer uploads and CD releases?

[ Sorry for the delayed response... :-( ]

On Mon, Oct 14, 2013 at 12:35:12AM +0200, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
>Proposal / question
>So I thought it would be nice to check with all of you how frequently we
>could think about uploading this package, even if that doesn't lead to
>preparing CD images every time (hello Steve!). This would affect at
>least the following components (disc + net):
> - ftp-master
> - mirrors
> - snapshot.debian.org
> - cdimage
> - …
>On the building side of things:
> - buildds: costs almost nothing, build time is below 1 hour on armel
> - cdimage: only when building CD images.
>I think it would be nice if we could be able to perform something like
>an upload a month during the whole release cycle. History shows that we
>sometimes needed to fix a few things and re-upload before performing a
>release (with CD images), but we could probably stay below 20 uploads a
>year even with such last minute fix-ups when a CD release is planned /
>Would that work for everyone on the infrastructure side? Or should we
>arrange (another…) debian-installerspecific thing? I suspect the mainly
>affected services are:
> - cdimage: depends on the amount of images we end up keeping, but I
>   guess we drop old development images after a few releases anyway,
>   so shouldn't be too much of a burden as far as disc usage is
>   concerned.
> - snapshot.debian.org: this one would get much more data than during
>   previous release cycles…

Works for me... If we can get into a regular cycle, I'd love to be
able to tell the debian-cd infrastructure to use the d-i from the
archive much more than we currently do. Right now very few of our
builds work that way.

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