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Re: Changes for d-i, tasksel and d-cd

Hi Steve!

Steve McIntyre <steve@einval.com> (2013-10-31):
> First of all, we spoke about switching to using the graphical
> installer by default back last year at DC12. But we never actually
> made the change then. I think it's time now, what do you guys think?

That's something I stumbled upon again very recently, and yes, we should
probably do that like right now. :)

> Secondly: xfce as default desktop? I'm tempted to do this regardless
> of the current init debate, if nothing else just to give us a useful
> *small* system from a single CD again.

As I have said on various occasions those last days, I don't think it's
a call for me to make, but I don't think it's a bad idea.

On a personal note, I'm slightly sad for the GNOME folks since they've
been doing a great job to provide us with a nice support (including a11y
things etc.), but I guess Xfce should do just fine as well, and having a
small, useful system in a single CD looks a very fine thing to have
(again). As we saw lately, people still actively rely on a single CD, so
let's have that again! :) [and that's what you're mentioning a few lines
below anyway, oops.]

> Finally, I've been getting some useful feedback on the front of
> exactly which images we should be making at this point, and I'm
> thinking of dropping most of the CD options, leaving us with:
>  * netinst
>  * *1* single CD with more content (xfce, more useful stuff)
>  * DVD sets (and bigger)

Doesn't look unreasonable to me at first glance, but remember I don't
know anything about d-i/cdimages.

> I'm thinking more about what we could/should fit into the "useful
> stuff" category, plus what we should call it ("recommended", "Debian
> developer toolbox", "good stuff"? *grin*). I remember Bdale asking for
> something like this last year at the debian-cd BoF at DC12, and there
> were general murmurs of support. Can we add sensible extra tasksel
> task(s) to cover the things that *we* consider useful? I'm thinking
> about:
>  * misc devel utils
>  * tools for wireless
>  * all the bits you'd want to be able to configure your latest machine
>    so it comes up on the network automatically so you can
>    configure/install it further easily remotely
>  * ...
> Thoughts?

I happened to have looked at some tasksel bug reports this afternoon,
and it looked like there was some kind of a 10-ish task limit that can
be proposed. The possibility of having 2 levels to have more choices was
brought up, but apparently never implemented. Maybe that {c,w}ould be a
prerequisite to having more options like those you mentioned?


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