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cdimage/unofficial/non-free/firmware -> NetbootFirmware

Dear Debian CD Team,

I gather you are responsible for the scripts that create the nonfree
firmware.tar.gz and firmware.zip on:
 http://cdimage.debian.org .

You may well be aware of the Netboot firmware problem and the solution
I authored some years back and published on  the debian wiki at:

Essentially this unpacks your firmware.tar.gz and repacks it as a
cpio.gz with the debs in a subdirectory "/firmware".

I was wondering if you would consider distributing the
firmware.cpio.gz allongside or instead of the firmware.tar.gz ? This
would make things a little easier for users of NetbootFirmware.

I include a patch (untested) to your script make-firmware-image which
should build a firmware.cpio.gz alongside the firmware.tar.gz and
firmware.zip .

Your comments, thoughts and suggestions would of course be welcome!

Best Regards
Alex Owen

Private web search without a filter bubble: https://duckduckgo.com/
diff -uNr old/make-firmware-image new/make-firmware-image
--- old/make-firmware-image	2013-10-26 14:21:24.000000000 +0100
+++ new/make-firmware-image	2013-10-26 14:25:08.000000000 +0100
@@ -39,4 +39,5 @@
 tar czf ../firmware.tar.gz .
 zip -9rq ../firmware.zip .
 cd ..
-ls -l $PWD/firmware.tar.gz $PWD/firmware.zip
+pax -x sv4cpio -s'%firmware%/firmware%' -w firmware | gzip -c >firmware.cpio.gz
+ls -l  $PWD/firmware.cpio.gz $PWD/firmware.tar.gz $PWD/firmware.zip

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