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2 debian-installer uploads this week?!

Hi folks,

you aren't crazy (or maybe you are, given the mailing lists you're
reading, but that's another topic), I'm considering 2 uploads this week!

d-i → sid

It's been a while since I've been wanting to upload d-i to unstable, but
I failed to look into it until now. I thought it would be nice to have
“reference post-release” d-i images so that we have some baseline to
test regressions against. Since things have been settling down (mostly:
linux is available everywhere, and the nasty apt bug is fixed), and
since daily builds are almost all green (except for buildds which want
to be fixed/replaced by other machines), I'm tempted to perform an
upload to sid somewhen between right now and the end of the week.

As usual, build dependencies are fetched from sid, udebs from testing;
I'm not aware of anything absolutely needed, so current state should be
fine; however, if there's something you want to reach testing before the
upload, please speak up right now (so that we can work out whether
urgenting is indeed warranted).

debian-cd@, would it make sense to build images for that release (maybe
just a few CD/DVD sets) since we're very early in the release cycle? Or
should we skip that bit entirely and concentrate on having only the
installer images? The latter isn't too good for the general public, so I
guess having a few CD images would be nice.

d-i → wheezy

There's also a wheezy point release this week-end (7.2), for which I
(belatedly, sorry again) pushed iso-scan and netcfg. Those have been
built everywhere and accepted into wheezy-proposed-updates, so we should
be able to upload debian-installer from the wheezy branch (for an extra
commit improving QNAP support, otherwise a binNMU would have been
sufficient). Since we're about to release new things into unstable using
the usual 8-digit date as release numbers, the wheezy upload will likely
be versioned the pu-ish way, i.e.: 20130613+deb7u1.

I'm wondering what's going to happen if for some reasons all sid builds
aren't ready by the time the point release happens. I assume
20130613+deb7u1 will prop-up to testing, like 20130613 did for 7.1; but
if we have 201310xy in sid for a bunch of archs but not all, is a
partial prop-up (to compensate missing sid builds) something that can
work? Or should we wait until after the point release before uploading
201310xy, so that full prop-up to testing and sid can happen?


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