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Re: "CD/DVD/Blue-Ray image building expected to take around 8 hours end to end"

Hi Steve,

 Thank you for your reply.

On Sun, 16 Jun 2013 02:26:01 +0100
Steve McIntyre <steve@einval.com> wrote:
> Building a (potentially large) set of images for an individual
> architecture takes ~30-40 minutes end-to-end; we currently build for
> the following 15 arches:
>  i386 source amd64 multi-arch powerpc armel armhf ia64 mips mipsel s390
>  s390x sparc kfreebsd-amd64 kfreebsd-i386

 Is it built with multiple hosts (for each arch) or single host?

> That's where the time goes. The sets we're building for each arch can
> include up to 9 different types of image:
>   netinst
>   netinst with firmware
>   normal full CD set (Gnome desktop)
>   kde CD
>   lxde CD
>   xfce CD
>   full DVD set
>   full BD set
>   full DL-BD set
> They're currently all run in parallel as we build for one
> architecture, getting a massive win from paralellism and caching on
> pettersson (the CD build machine). I'm hoping we can add some SSDs
> into pettersson next, to make the build process even faster.

 Do those 9 images run at once?

 Surely SSD makes it faster a bit, but I recommend to use PCIe flash.
 I've tested debian-cd script for amd64 arch with HDD/SSD(raid0)/ioDrive(raid0),
 archive data on each 1 partition and output to same partition.

# make image-trees


real	20m34.608s
user	4m47.538s
sys	7m32.480s

real	13m58.332s
user	4m43.626s
sys	7m57.726s

real	12m49.472s
user	4m46.786s
sys	8m50.189s

# make images (normal full CD set)


real	68m4.551s
user	30m41.327s
sys	3m55.095s


real	50m4.132s
user	30m31.302s
sys	3m51.378s

real    19m2.295s
user    29m59.704s
sys     3m42.222s

 Probably we don't want to use ioDrive since it needs proprietary driver,
 but similar PCIe flash device (Intel 910?) would be able to gain better
 performance than normal SSD drives.


 Hideki Yamane     henrich @ debian.or.jp/org

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