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Re: Troubles with debian-cd


the regression was introduced by
in xorriso/write_run.c lines 2361 to 2365.

I can get
   xorriso-1.2.9 -as mkisofs -print-size -b ... -isohybrid-mbr ...
to work by re-instating the call of Xorriso_genisofs_add_boot()
if -print-size was given:

 if(xorriso->boot_image_bin_path[0] && do_print_size) {
   ret= Xorriso_genisofs_add_boot(xorriso, 0);
   if(ret <= 0)
     goto ex;

(Its parameter list has changed during rev 4985.)

I removed that call from the end of emulation, in order to allow
further manipulation of the most recently added boot image.
(xorriso has an own life outside mkisofs and cdrecord emulation.)

Now i have to realize that it hid a bug in the processing of the
last registered boot image in xorriso's genuine command mode.
Thanks again for reporting.

This all explains why the production of BIOS/EFI hybrid images does
not fail with xorriso-1.2.9. Option
forces a call to Xorriso_genisofs_add_boot(). Afterwards, the
production of isohybrid MBR had its BIOS boot image in reach.
The EFI image was not properly registered during the -print-size
run, but that did not even cause an inaccuracy of size prediction.

Runs without -print-size add the last boot image shortly before
writing begins. So they are not affected by the bug.

Have a nice day :)


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